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Dynamo 2131-47 Industrial Belt Feed Shredder

Dynamo Industrial 
Belt Feed Shredder
$11,794.00 (MSRP)

Dynamo 2131-47 Industrial Belt Feed Shredder
Cross Cut Size: .50 strip cut
Sheet Feed Capacity: 115-140 Sheets
Shred Size: 13 mm
Waste Shred Bag Volume: Up to 50 Gallons
Shred pounds per hour: 661
More standard operational features than any other ‘High Capacity’ shredder!
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  • Shreds: Paper, entire files of paper, light cardboard, computer form s, tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.
  • Conveyor Belt Feed: Provides controlled, consistent, fast feeding for large departments
  • Automatic Lubricator: Pre-installed to allow the automatic lubricating of the cutting blades every 30 minutes of operating time preserving the sharpness of the treated steel cutting blades
  • Cutting Throat Width: 16.2 inches (410 mm)
  • Cutting Type: Specially treated Cross Cut steel cutting blades with all metal gears
  • Waste Basket (with Castors): Up to 50 Gallons (200 Liters), front access allows placement against walls
  • Auto Start and Stop: Controlled by electronic eye before and after paper feeding
  • Auto Jam Prevention: If paper starts to jam Reverse mode activates preventing the jam
  • Auto Stop Safety Function: Shredder will not start if cabinet door ajar or open
  • Auto Cleaning: Reverse action cleans shred debris from the cutting head and rejuvenates the cutter
  • Feed Load Indicator: LED Capacity display ( Green, Yellow and Red) indicates each load’s level and conformance to the shredder’s specifications
  • Constant On Mode: Providing ability to feed smaller than page sized waste paper
  • Container Full Auto Shutdown : When waste container is full of shreds
  • Motor and Safety: Continuous Duty with Thermal Overload Protection, 220-380V, 3Phase, 50/60HZ 15. Power Safety: Large on and off switch and safety bar to turn power of f with a safety circuit breaker
  • Key Lock: For safety and controlled use
  • Auto Diagnosis Devise (ADD) : (Patented) Records shredding time, number of auto re verse cycles, and quantity of pages shredded (a use and maintenance assist)
  • Dimensions: Metal cabinet, 29.5 inch wide, 56 inch deep, and 48.4 inch high
  • Weight: 1,069 Pounds ( 485 Kg)
  • Warranty: 3 year Limited parts warranty, Life Time on cutter blades
  • Assembly and performance compliance: Assembled in the USA and/or TAA Compliant